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    Powerful branding

    for sites and fleets


    Impressive site and fleet branding

    delivered for branding teams with

    operations and site safety in mind.

  • Our (your) team

    A safe pair of hands for delivering site branding projects that run like clockwork

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    Duncan - Head of Projects

    Duncan has been trusted to deliver by brands like Starbucks, Pret and L'Oreal.

    Duncan's career has been defined by taking companies like Starbucks and Pret from the brand book and into bricks and mortar, delivering signage, store layouts and POS that works.


    His understanding of brand and site management helps him deliver for the creative director and the facilities manager alike.


    Check Duncan out on LinkedIn

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    Darren - MD

    Darren has applied his background in Lean Automotive engineering to turn a local signage company into a major force on the UK manufacturing scene.

    Darren heads up our group of three companies; Safetysignsupplies.co.uk manufactures and sells over 20K safety signs a month. Viking Manufacturing designs and makes high quality components for the manufacturing industry. Viking Branding combines our manufacturing setup with brand and project management excellence to create and fit bespoke signage that delivers on brand promises.


    Find out more about Darren on LinkedIn

  • Our Services

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    Site Branding

    Extending your brand into effective signage

    We can work from start to finish, adopting your brand guidelines, running site surveys, designing signage schemes, providing mock-ups and detailed designs for sign off, risk assessments for installation and then running the installation project.

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    Fleet Branding

    Fast, reliable, consistent and convenient

    We specialise in flexible fleet branding. Our aim is to get your commercial vehicles designed, liveried and back on the road in the shortest time possible, showing your true colours to the world with the least disruption.

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    Multisite & Franchise services

    Interflora, Mole Valley Stores & Giraffe Restaurants all rely on us

    Providing consistent signage for multiple locations and franchises can be a complicated business. Individual sites have quirks that mean that a one-size-fits-all approach might not work, but a completely de-centralised approach can lead to inconsistency and unintentional damage to the brand. We try to offer the best of both worlds by agreeing sign standards and pricing with head office whilst liaising with individual sites for their requirements. We can then either invoice central accounts or invoice individual franchises and sites.

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    Outdoor and Temporary signage

    On brand and on site: your creativity + our technical expertise = a great event

    If you have outdoor signage or temporary signage requirements we can help you with both. We provide outdoor signage in a range of materials from Correx to Aluminium Composite for brands like the Woodland Trust. We can also provide temporary signage for pop-up stores, construction, exhibition spaces & festivals. We regularly provide signage for the Excel London and events like Gravity Fields Grantham.

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    Full Service Sign Management

    Signs delivered direct to your internal clients, with you in the driving seat

    We can operate like an in-house sign company. We agree the pricing structures, lead times, brand guidelines and a sign-off process you would like to use. We can then work directly with your internal clients. They contact us with their requirements, we ensure they get signage that meets the brand, performance and pricing standards you need. Hassle free signage without risking visiting a site and finding Comic Sans, spelling mistakes or off brand / mismatched signage.

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    Future proof design to avoid the patchwork problem

    No sign is forever, things change. You might re-brand once in a blue moon, but a key phone number or office location might change tomorrow. We make it easy to alter the temporary whilst leaving the majority of the permanent sign in place.


    Many companies will simply print signs all in one go because it looks cheaper on the initial quote. We know from experience (and a drop of common sense) that some things change fairly regularly. So we will use permanent techniques for branding portions of a sign and use different techniques for elements that might shift.

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    Manufacturing on demand

    We manage our own manufacturing, with a state of the art digital factory.


    We manufacture on demand, producing over 20K signs a month for retail, but our processes mean that we can add bespoke signage into these production runs at any point.


    The few things that we can't make ourselves we buy from a pool of trusted and tested suppliers. We will manage these suppliers seamlessly and take responsibility for everything they make, just like we do when it rolls off our own production line.


    Working with us gives you a blend of flexibility in terms of volumes, specification and consistency (since we made it the first time, we know how we did it).

  • Delivering on Brand vision

    is our bread and butter

    Woodland Trust

    One brand - many requirements

    We work with Woodland Trust delivering everything from temporary Correx signs through to bespoke wooden badges and plaques made from tree trunks.


    A centralised brand team need to ensure consistency across a whole range of sites. We have worked with them to create a system where site owners, project managers and marketing execs can order from us and the brand owner knows they will get consistent, on brand signage without having to sign off every single product.

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    NHS trusts

    Finding the way to health

    All too often hospitals and healthcare settings have complex, evolving signage requirements which are not well met. Our experience with a number of NHS trusts allows us to recommend and design robust wayfinding schemes and implementation methods, which allow for the inevitable changes and moves of wards, departments and personnel.

    School Trusts

    A lot of fitting with little time

    Schools are busy places and each site has its own unique challenges.

    They need to work for adults and kids and when the David Ross Education Trust starts to look after a new school, their brand needs to be adapted to work in a new environment and it needs to be delivered in time for a new term to start.


    Re-Branding, unusual site layouts , facilities with complex way-finding and rapid turnarounds . . . this is our bread and butter.

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    Industrial Branding with Solvay

    Finding the way and defining the brand

    Delivering branding for this multinational bio tech firm let us put our core strengths into play.


    They needed a company that could translate a well defined corporate brand into site signage and make sure site traffic flowed properly, all with minimal downtime.


    We surveyed 5 sites across the North of England, worked with the site managers to understand unique site traffic flows, risks and issues. We then developed a signage plan, mocked up all of the signs over survey photos and made adjustments until both brand and facility teams were completely happy. We then manufactured and fitted the new signs, doing everything we could to keep site downtime and disruption to a minimum.

    Rapidly growing Fleet with no time for downtime

    Designed, signed and on the road in a day

    Whites is a fast growing recycling company. When they win a new contract (which they do regularly) they need to add to their fleet to deliver. Each new tanker adds costs immediately and needs to be generating revenue on the road within days.


    Whites call us about a tanker they are thinking about buying: we get everything ready to go. As soon as they take delivery of the tanker we travel to them for fitting and have their asset on the road with in 24 hours.

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    Delivering an online brand in the real world

    Hallam Internet, Head Office re-brand

    As an innovative internet marketing agency, Hallam started their re-brand online.

    Viking helped to translate this vision from pixels to bricks. Hallam understand that internal branding needs to have a positive impact on both clients and staff and we helped their brand to come alive on everything from the walls to clever toilet signs.

    Architectural Industrial Park Signage

    High impact. Functional. Durable. On brand.

    When the Teal Park management company wanted to translate their marketing brand into real world signage at their new Lincoln industrial park, hosting the likes of Siemens Turbomachinery & Marshall Jaguar Land Rover, they turned to Viking Signs. We designed, manufactured and installed a full set of 'hero' entrance signs along with monolith sector totems and individual unit numbers. All highly durable, consistent, prominent and maintaining the high brand value they wanted to establish for this prestigious development.

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